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Sunday, September 02, 2007
Ooh am using Mother's computer because the desktop for my computer refuses to switch on, blogger is in Thai on Mumsie's computer!

Teacher's Day
Addie asked Joshua Mok to help us take a photo on our way out of school.

Joshua: "Am I holding this the right way?"
Addie: " You just effectively took a picture of yourself"

Headed down to StMargs to collect our Leaving Cert, where the security guard absolutely still insisted on making us get visitors passes and teachers we encountered and chorused happily "HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY" to, merely forced a quick smile and then averted their eyes.

HOY HOY according to Phebe, the reason why they have half-day today is because we got good Olevel results!

Anyway we cabbed to town (and we had cabbed to StMargs too), we are getting veddy lazy, and did you know BRATZ THE MOVIE is coming out hahahahaha we are so gonna watch.

Haha check out Addie

We decided to watch Ratatouille! It's not bad, go watch!

Addie: *chirps enthusiastically* "Who wants one of the tickets!! You can put it in your scrapbook!!!"
Sophie: "Okay I'll take one" (not that I have a scrapbook but whatever)
Addie: "Omg you're so lame"

Ouch ouch I just went for a massage. Not those relaxing ones but those tuai nah ones (however you spell it) that is supposed to be more medicinal.

I felt so naked and my shoulders feel extremely battered.

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