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Monday, October 15, 2007
Goodness it's 3.50am and I didn't do anything this whole weekend but sleep, read and go online.

Brief reprieve on Saturday where a few of us headed down to Darrell's house (before which I successful managed to get us lost and winding up at Hougang Interchange).

We had rented dvds, was supposed to be horror night plus drinking haha Shaun brought the bOoze.

Hills have Eyes was so lame we ended up continuously switching shows, ordered Macdonalds (HAHA guess who has all the fast food ordering numbers stored in her phone, ahem yes it's Sophie). After a while it practically turned into girl's sleepover er..

Haha the drinks were forgotten except when they amused themselves making up concoctions, we curled up under blankets and watched Bourne Ultimatum.

I fell asleep at 3am and woke up at 4am to see Rugby Semis on (GO FRANCE!) and Darrell playing dota. Cab cab cab home Darrell still hasn't redeemed his manly points.

Darrell's blog: "my missus candydoggychan has recently gone for an operation"

Omg otherwise translated as his dog CANDY, the only girl he'll ever have.

Haha we left Hitcher at his house, bet he won't watch it okay I'm horror/gore show wimp too oh well..

Random photos stolen from Valentina:

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