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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Er last Wednesday because the photos are all from Swing and she too exciting life to be online (working lah haha).

We went to watch Bratz! Haha okay laugh all you want, I'd rather watch that than Enchanted.
You got the brattitude hahahaha the show's quite funny okay.

Hihi I am going to eat choo

McCafe Oreo Cheesecake is damn good, for my birthday please please <3

Swing and I went to meet Sonia and we sat about till like, 10pm and finally decided to come back to my place to change and go to Arena.

Hi Maomao

Swing got very high :/ (A RECURRING EVENT HMMM SWING?)

The DJ asked for girls to go onstage for a contest and SONIA WENT UP:

Imagine her horrified face when they said the girls must dance haha.

My tongue looks very scary here.
Slept at 4am that night, up at 8am for CCA boohoo conditioning (aka only fitness training)- 6rounds many many ab exercises and 350skips on 4hours sleep sigh.
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