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Friday, November 23, 2007
House party last week! ( I realise my posts are always late).

Sophie: I don't know if I want to go..
Sherry: Even if you're not going we're still staying over at your house after that.

HAHA wah NOT BAD what. So I went.

Think they used a deserted house because it was totally empty like no furniture or anything.
Free flow! ((:

After a few Vodka mixes, Sherry only took half a shot and decided it was disgusting but she was a little high anyway. PHEBE stole my shots and Jesslyn drank the most cos whatever we didn't like we gave her haha (and subsequently she was the only one drunk er haha).

Hahaha dancing in the living room was hilarious, at least for once it wasn't crowded. In fact, at one point I think we were the only ones in there.
Phebe kept dancing with the amplifier and Jesslyn said "Yeah baby" while dancing hahahaha.

Outside I accidentally made a table topple over BAM and Sherry said everyone was staring at me but in my little world I thought that no one saw hahaha.


Camille climbed unto some semi-built fence, so Phebe wanted to too. And then, SHE COULDN'T GET DOWN HAHAHA:

Unknown drunk girl.

Picture with unknown drunk girl.

5 of us squeezed into a cab to Cheekys. Jesslyn was in a horrible state by then. While driving halfway she'd insist she'd need to puke so I'd open the door for her and she'd topple out and puke and when the traffic light turns green I haul her in again.

Haha at Cheekys there was this angmoh kid with his dog for god knows what reason.

Strangers outside Cheekys were very helpful with Jesslyn, they kept stroking her back while she puked and giving me tissue to wipe her mouth. (Ahem and Phebe they all just sat and watched hahaha)

Stranger: Is he gonna be okay?
Sophie: It's A SHE A SHE A SHE!
Stranger: *leaps backwards* WOAH luckily I didn't touch anything!


We didn't go into Cheekys in the end because while the bouncer was gonna let us in at $10, the door bitch wouldn't and we refuse to pay $15 so whateverzzxz.

"We decided to go back to Sophie's home thereafter cause Jesslyn was annoying the pitSSSSS out of us since she was so drunk and everyone ughhhhh.
Puke, extremely slurred words, conking out, having to deal with too much drool, having to open the cab doors continuously for her to puke....
Thank God Sophie was the one taking care of her, the rest of us just couldn't have done so because we were so traumatized by her puking state. Sophie is born a mother. AAHHAHA. "- Sherry again..

sherry ; says:
i cant believe you took care of jesslyn lah
sherry ; says:
like wtf, really tolerance level super high
samurai sophie says:
haha really meh, i didn't really find it a bother to take care of her

Haha okay I'm gonna be a mother. I want my first at 28years old, second at 30. A girl first because they're more sensible, unless my husband is the first son of the family and then I'd be pressurised to bear a son first.

Beneath my block because Jesslyn refused to move.

Random passing old man: Is she on drugs?

?!?! HAHA neighbours got no life lah okay.

Finally dragged Jesslyn in and she conked out immediately on the couch.

The rest of us got hungry and made maggi and sausages and off to sleep, Sherry the freak early bird was up at 10am while Phebe and I finally stirred awake at 1pm.
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