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Sunday, December 16, 2007
Class barbecue
Eugene's house, stingray, sausages, otah, beehoon yadda yadda. Sophie is unbeatable Dynasty Warrior or whatever on Eugene's PSP!

Met Jeannie (umbrella carrier) to go to the 2 fleas held that day, at StJames and at HomeClub. The StJames flea was like for taitais or something, everything was so expensive and it was hell crowded. HomeClub flea pretty usual nothing much zzz.

Don't attempt jumping in the water- it's impossible

Braved the rain, down to town, bought new bag (Addie-"waste money!"; speak for yourself)

Halfprice cakes at Cine after 8pm, OREO CHEESECAKE 4EVAZx.
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