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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Alarm set at 8.00am for CCA, woke up at 7.57am with a tummyache ): ow ow

8.13am out of the toilet and decided to drink milk because was suspicious of the ice water in the fridge.

Drink a glass and then glance at the expiry date of the milk: 19.Sept.07

This is appalling! I'm often known to have expired food in my fridge but 2months old milk really is beyond the limits!

But the worst is.. I drank another glass anyway. Hahahahaha.

Class dinner the other day at Village, but I decided to be cheapskate and smuggled in Subway.

Pimp my ride!

(running out of clothes dammit)


We took a liking to the little swing under the disco ball and left all our stuff there (:

St Margs! I was about to say juniors but Alex isn't so haha..

Regina at the back with Jeannie. Regina's nuts, at 6am she's due for OCIP and she decided to just go straight after clubbing.

But oh joy of joys! Discovery of fellow SA students! (Regina and Chloe, who's beside me). Jeannie and I always got no one to go with cos SA's like quite dead now...

Swing, Jeannie, I and our lovely swing.

(I just noticed the two "swings" in that sentence.) Swing's real name is S.Wing which eventually became just Swing.

Swing: Will attract pontianak one!!
(I ignored her cos she a little high already)

The party was slated to end at 6am but god knows why at 2.30am everything stopped?! Like wth.

We headed down to Plush cos Daryl and Cass could get free entry, they ran out of spare tickets but the bouncer let us in anyway.

Plush itself was quite nice, with the cage thingys and couches. But the crowd...
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