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Friday, December 14, 2007
Arena on Saturday, free entry free flow yadda as usual because we are Ladiessssssssss.

Free bag locker greatly abused by Swing, but only free vodka mixes and no lychee martinis like on Ladies Night.

Andesson came later on but camera in the locker by then, and editing done mostly by Jeannie.

The VIP lounge was just a cordoned-off section please, I thought can get free food haha.

Chloe and Amanda came also and hauled me upstage to dance and Addie came up too and I got a cut from being dragged up -_-

Tequila shots competition, the winner drank 13 in 30secs or something haha omg damn scary.

Couples contest, girl to use boy as pole har har. A drunk Addie went up and the winner was the couple with the guy who could flex his boobs hahaha.

My night pretty much fucking ended at 2.30am because I had to take care of a very drunk Addie. She puked all over, and even on her phone which I had to use to try calling her friends and finally B-B-Bryan her boyfriend to fetch her home.

Fatty even Paul Crosby said so when he had to carry her hahaha.

Her gibberish mumblings vacillated between "You're such a good/bad best friend".

And in the course of "her rescue" as Addie calls it, I got my Ipod Nano and money stolen, totalling $400.

))))): New Ipod for Sophie Fund anyone?
Andesson says he'll help me pay for a new one cos its kinda his fault and he had to send me home since the thief left me a grand total of $0.60.
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