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Saturday, December 15, 2007
Met Jeannie and then Kimberly. Jeannie was having class dinner later so she called and asked where they were.

Guanghao: We're just chilling now
Jeannie: Where?
Guanghao: At SOAP'S house
Jeannie: ERRRR she's like beside me

Haha not pathetic what.

Haha my fake tattoo! It's a heart that says SMS ADDICT HAHAHA it's from Singtel. Worryingly though, it's not coming off uh-oh..

Kimberly and I joined Jeannie at her class outing which consisted of er.. Kuoloon, Abel, Irwin, Paka, Anna and Guanghao. Many people what, their class outing..

We headed down to Cathay where Kimberly ditched me and said she had come only to take bus home and also managed to break my squirrell ring. "Can glue back what!"- This woman has no heart whatsoever.

The rest of us watch Golden Compass WHICH IS A LOUSY SHOW. It was a bit draggy, the girl made impertinent decisions and the scenarios were just too unlikely.

If she is so important why do they always let her wander alone and subsequently wind up in lots of trouble the rest have to get her out of?

AND THE ENDING. OMG what a cheap ploy. It showed the young Lyra saying how she was going to save her dad etc and make everything right.

THE SHOW ENDED THERE. Does that not absolutely scream GO WATCH THE SEQUEL?! So there wasn't much of an ending.

I know the book is a series but so is Harry Potter and every movie had an ending. Thank goodness the book is supposedly much better.

Jeannie, Sijia, Kimberly and I have like this one-day job to copy car plate numbers and it's supposed to be 2 shifts of 2hours plus half hour to report, so morning shift's from 7.30-10.00am.

Omg I woke up at 8.15am and reached at 9.30am hahahaha needless to say, no need to work already so go just to meet the other 3.

Their whole clique all this height one.

We had Mcdonalds breakfast and then proceeded to call half the SA rugby team to find something to do. Everyone was sleeping or busy! We called one of our last resorts and he was damn rude so we all got really riled. Kimberly said we should message him.

Kimberly: Should I say BITCH or FUCKER
*in unison*: FUCKER
Kimberly: I think so too

We headed to Sam Thio's house.. but he wasn't at home.

Er presenting.. Sam's GATE!

Hope they got no CCTV or it'll be really embarrassing to see the footage haha.

Jeannie still veh annoyed at Sam not being home haha.

Andesson stays near Sam and he was very nice he agreed not to go out just so that we could come over!

At Newton MRT, Andesson really stays AT NEWTON like just before Newton Circus.

Haha he has a few copies of his Magazine Cover shoot stashed all over his room and a rolex watch please, and a Vincent Ng poster on his wall promoting fitness that I coloured the eyes red.

We settled on his super super comfy couches and watched License to Wed until finally the rain stopped.

Next, to GLENN NG'S HOUSE! (Sijia left) Warren was there too.
Haha house visiting day loh, visit all the lucky buggers staying near town.

But Glenn's full of nonsense he doesn't stay THAT near PS, you still have to walk quite a distance.

His ultra trendy bed, look closely and you'll see Pikachu and Backstreet Boys stickers.

Glenn: NOOOO this is social suicide!!

And thus subsequently refused to be photographed.

Glenn has 2 tvs for God knows what reason since they must both be ON THE SAME CHANNEL.

Warren+Germany hat

Elusive host.

The whole trove of SOFT TOYS on his bed made excellent ammunition and thus a soft-toy war was born.

We were at a considerable advantage to pelt them due to being above them and lots of handy soft toys ready haha.

F.I.R cd!! Glenn can't get any cooler than that right.

Myserious Warren, Kimberly, Glenn, Jeannie and I.

Glenn left on Thursday for 3 weeks ALONE IN NEPAL. He is nuts I swear, he's like going trekking with a fewllow lone traveller he has never met before, a 26year old Canadian girl who is apparently not very pretty but still... together for 3 weeks alone... haha.
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