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Friday, December 28, 2007
Pictures from Korea! There are more but it's 2am and Blogger is being an ass not letting me upload ):

Anyway Korea isn't all that exciting, there isn't that much to see and we got sick of the food real quick cos it was always the same but that may have been the guide's fault.

The boys are cute though and they dress really well. Korea has lovely boots but everything's expensive and I already have boots anyway.

I fell sick on the 2nd and 3rd day, fever, coughing, runny nose, you name it I had it. I vomitted on the snow while skiing please.
I can imagine a poor, unsuspecting skiier going over it but oh well...

Christmas was celebrated at the hotel lounge where a Singapore Swing cost an effing $32 minus tax but they served really tender beef cubes yum yum and we sang along with the lounge singer.

Because it's Christmas, I donned one of the 3 Christmas hats I had brought. Everyone in the breakfast room stared at the dork wearing a Santa hat but who cares!!!! It's CHRISTMAS!

Not a great fan of the Korean spas. I vehemently REFUSED to go naked. Omg the spectacle.. Small tits big tits saggy tits wrinkled tits. Gaggles of naked girls chatting. Would you ever go NAKED before your friends?!?!?!

Women were openly washing between their.. ahem Down There. I saw really old naked women and had to quickly avert my eyes before I saw anything too...

We went for the Fish Therapy thing. In Korea, you can go in with your whole body! I simply loved the experience, it was really amusing and terribly endearing to see the fishes, some of whom sometimes just stop and stare at your with their big eyes.
The fishes in Korea were much bigger though, some up to the length of my pinky so you can really feel their nibbling...

Byebye, gotta be at Tanah Merah at 9.15am for the ferry to Malaysia!


What do we have here?

Adorable little kid sleeping on the snow! Can't believe he's not cold. Spoke to his grandparents, his mom and sister were out skiing haha.

I always loved this ride, the one where you sit on a swing and fly round and round and round (:

They have tons of these little animal hats everywhere and it looks terribly cute on little kids and unfortunately not on the specimen featured above.
Indoor amusement park.

Awesome Possum, we rode that!

The kids in Korea are really adorable and visibly quite spoilt too.

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