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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Pictures from last Friday omg Blogger is being so annoying or isitmycomputer it's difficult to upload photos.

Had a shoot at this really lovely spa at Dempsey Road. Each spa room was equipped with a shower and a bathtub and had a different name and theme.


Common sitting room thingys where there's freeflow of homemade ginger tea.

That's so cool right, you can literally pack your whole wardrobe!

After, cabbed to meet Jeannie, Sijia and Kimberly.

Bang bang that awful sound

True Starlets in the making (snort)

I convinced Kimberly to climb up with me!

Lovely mansions on the way out, cabbed down to my place which I was made to pay for and then they decided to go town cos my house no food >:(

Ohno ohno holidays ending soon, and before that they seemed to stretch on for eons. This is the first holiday I've had not had to go back to France and it's the best so far.
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