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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Home Club the other day with- Addie, Chloe, Darrell, Shaun, Kuoloon, Jesse, Roy and Jeanette.

Darrell got all the girls in free yipee and we all got alcoholic UV chops except RoyThongs who tried hiding his underage band under the strap of his watch..

We opened a bottle of Smirnoff and er Roy and I ended up a little high.
On to the dancefloor where I thought it'd be hilarious to pull Addie's top down, thereby exposing her black&white polka-dotted bra, oh well who asked her she shouldn't have worn tube har har.

AIMED to walk back to the table where Kuoloon was but found myself sitting on the floor and wondering how I had gotten there and xiaomei comes to carry me up.

Xiaomei=Darrell; who carries alot of money in his wallet.

Us 4 girls cabbed for Prata and the boys were to follow since they were still struggling with a slow-to-sober-up Roy.

Darrell came later on his own, I quote his blog- left Roy lying by the roadside at the bridge. call from Jesse later "He's still there?! Shit i forgot about him" never heard from ever since. could be a good or bad thing. whichever way you see it.

Haha don't worry Jesse/Darrell, last I heard he was making out with some girl called Lana. But now you know, don't trust Jesse if you're drunk.
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