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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
MSA's over but anyway they were just tests haha. Boohoo next exam in 4weeks. Met Addie on Friday after school because we both end at like, 11.30am.


Hi life's a barrell of laughs.

Process to Spiderpig (no not Spiderwoman)

Heart-wrenching separation followed (snort) and down to town for movies. The Mist was pretty good but Death Sentence was stupid and absolutely does not justify its M18 rating, at least give me some shock elements to make my money's worth $_$. And yes we watched 2 movies...

Utt. Too bad not the MTV one hahahaha.

Cabfare home= $15; fare hikes and midnight surcharge kills.

Saturday night
Addie called me out at like 10+pm when I was nicely bathed and in pjs because she was bored. We headed down to J8 but the movies showing sucked and we wound up with her 2 friends sitting at McDonalds debating the virtues of prawning at 12midnight or shisha-ing.

Neither won and the two boys left.

Addie and I walked to Bishan Park where we perched ourselves on a wall in the halo of a decorative spotlight and talked of things of which our innocence has waned.
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