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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Pictures from Malaysia!

So we woke up bright and early and I was gonna be late (as usual) when Jeannie said her mom could give us a lift.

Cue Andesson who woke up very late and got a lift to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal too. The 10.15 ferry we were supposed to take was cancelled so we zzzzzzzz chilled till the 11.55am sigh what precious sleeping time wasted.

We climbed unto the top of the ferry where it was immensely windy wooTz so we ended up with frightful hair oh well.

Hi generous host (or rather your dad).

So we arrived at his dad's resort, Sebana Cove which is mostly for boating and golf or something.

Went swimming and the pool water was so cold I got a fever?!

Cycled down to another jetty to board his dad's boat which was bringing us to this Kelong for dinner.

Hi Chipmunk.

Sunburnt!!! I AM LOR, why everybody say no difference..


Her Titanic no spirit one please


Bye Jeannie (cos this photo my eyebags not so bad hahahaha)

At the Kelong where apparently it's S$40 per person for dinner omg.
Crabs, prawns, fish, sotong etc etc haha Jeannie and I got down and dirty with our hands and crabs.

Drank like 3 glasses of this Chinese herbal drink and my fever subsided IMMEDIATELY woah.

Got a ride down to the village to buy drinks cos no idiot spends S$150 on a bottle of Vodka from the hotel when you can buy one at 26Ringgit which we discovered to our immense delight. Like, S$13 for a bottle of Vodka omgomgomg.

Sat at the resort bar but with our own bottle haha cheapo $_$. The 3 of us downed nearly the whole bottle although I think in my tipsy-ness I did spill a considerable amount.

How embarrassing we were ushered back to our room and had a guard deployed to follow us back but must protect Boss's Son what haha and Jeannie sat on the path back refusing to move please.

2 hours later and I woke up the only sober one.

Andesson is a horrible sleeper I swear. Finally he woke up during my vain attempts to push him into a respectable position and moved over to the other bed.

Next Day!

Our lives in the hands of an UNLICENSED driver going at 140km/h. He taught me to drive! So egg-citing Addie now thinks I can fetch her to supper but sorry he only let me go at a max of 50km/h haha.

Lunch was lobsters and fish and etc and way too much food zz. Down to Desaru Beach cos we wanted to jetski and Andesson's one at his resort was spoilt. The waves at Desaru were too strong though so no jetski ):

Bathe etc then down to jetty for ferry back, we were originally gonna stay 2 days but Jeannie insists on being back for Crosby's house party haha.

Cab from Tanah Merah to my place a whopping $20. Change etc then down to the house party at Bukit Timah. The music was so loud we could hear it from down the street.

Me, Andesson, Shaun and Jeannie.

We bumped into Norman and he asked us back to his place down the road.

Haha nothing scandalous, we taught Andesson and Kuoloon how to play bridge.
I fell asleep around 5am while Norman and Andesson played Chess.

I swear Norman has tons of SingaporeIdol memorabilia adorning his walls.

Chess which Norman won haha.

Kuoloon also falling asleep haha. For once he didnt have to cab home and subsequently pay a cabfare of like $30 cos he stays in Jurong poor thing haha.

We finally left at 6+am cos we is all have church a few hours later and no more midnight surcharge what.

Jeannie was originally supposed to stayover but it was already morning so she figured she might as well go home.

YUCK SCHOOL TOMORROW UGH. And I didn't ANY holiday homework ): Studying resolutions out the window.

New Civics Tutor and I'm gonna try to start being on time! Last year it was a record if I was on time 3 days in a row. LATE NO MORE! Especially since my CT said she has given up and I have been referred to Discipline Committee....
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