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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was in a strangely good mood earlier on for no good reason since nothing great has been happening. I'm still incapable, more discouraged, bored and lonely.

I got a panic attack yesterday where suddenly fear engulfed me, my whole torso felt foreign and constricted and each breath become more apparent. Why? I don't know, I'm not extremely stressed.

Detention today. 3rd time my name has been called for it, but 1st time I'm attending. Organised and transported stacks of pamphlets, which required back-breaking labour and gleaned much perspiration. But ultimately, satisfaction, as I watched our piles of booklets slowly form, separated for each class.

At the end, I let myself fall into the pile of paper that had been wrapped around the stacks of pamphlets. If I were still in France I could lie back in redolent mountains of fallen leaves.

There's so much I have to do. Namely, French exam tomorrow, Biology test the following day, letters to reply, etc etc. Yet I'm checking and organising my Itunes list because I hate spelling mistakes or lack of capital letters.

And it's late and the night is neither young nor over and I'm alone at home.
Monday, February 25, 2008
Last last Friday saw us having a CIP performance at SGH.
For those who didn't know, Jeannie and I are in Rhythmic Gymnastics. For those who further don't know what Rhythmic Gym even is (which sadly, is a vast majority), it's the one where you see girls twirling the ribbon/clubs/hoop etc:

And yes we wore hats for part of our performance.

Ugh the stage at SGH was much smaller than expected and the ground wasn't suitable for all our pirouettes and stuff so we had to change it a bit.
Bah but anyway who cares hahaha.

While we were there we learnt to create art from magazines! We each created a pen holder from twined magazine pages. But I did it the fastest (((: I can make it in to my livelihood.

Watch out, please expect paper pen-holders for all birthday presents henceforth.

Back to SAJC for Movie Night. The school councillors had a screen set up on the field and showed Stomp The Yard.

I brought candles!!

They'd have been really pretty if the damn wind didn't CONTINOUSLY blow them out and everyone mocking our candle-lighting efforts.

Fire light, fire light, fire, little fire light
We won't get much sleep
Reaching out to touch more than I should have
Love my simple life
I will stay right here

Block Test 1 (BT1) coming up soon so Jeannie, Irwin, Pakata, Guanghao and I met on Saturday to study!

We glued our asses to the Lido benches from 3pm-8pm.

Jeannie angsty about her phyzicks, Irwin all fidgety as he thinks, Pakata quiet doing god-knows-what and Guanghao staring into space while eating because he DIDN'T BRING ANY WORK FOR A STUDY DATE.

Sophie? Doing vectors tutorial.

Irwin, Guanghao, Pakata.

And I look like I'm staring into space because Pakata started talking to me..

P.S: No Pakata is not an Indonesian/Thai/Foreigner. It's a Bhuddist name.

CCA today, my back is aching ): New juniors who are veddy good I feel stressed ):
Chemistry test on Wednesday, French exam on Thursday, Biology test on Friday.

I promised myself to cut down on my unhealthy food intake! I.e. oily/salty/sweet food, which sadly, forms most of my palate.

Was not very successful.

Friday, February 22, 2008
A day for Lovers and Friends:

Valentine's Day in school were surprises from classmates, my slightly burnt cookies, and Darrell's undelivered flowers boohoo.

Irwin's birthday dinner at night! $30 each for Seoul Garden %$&*#!$&; Valentine's Day price, "which fatass couple would celebrate Valentine's Day at Seoul Garden" I quote.

Curses to whoever chose the location!! (This would be Arthur/Kuoloon)

Feeding the Polar Bear some raw fish!!

Sorry accident, birthday boy shy..

Awesome possum balloon bought by Jeannie, Addie and I.

Ugh we had to be fatasses that night to make full use of our money, i.e. take only seafood/beef, no pasta/veggie/etc. Get up and walk around to digest the food and come back to eat again!!

Smoke from all the grills set off the smoke alarm and the shutters came tumbling down and we had no fire for half an hour. Valuable eating time wasted!!!

JEANNIE LOST THE BALLOON FOR IRWIN. She let it go when a strong gust of wind came and it got blown onto ongoing traffic, where some car hit it and dragged it god-knows-where and we went down Scotts Road asking, "Excuse me, have you seen a balloon float past?"

Wound up at McDonalds because we are really very greedy and craved ice-cream..

Happy Birthday! (:
Hi homies I'm in GP class now. Youth Olympics Singapore 2010 FTW! Too bad Jeannie and I were in town when the results came out and we couldn't find a tv, got results by sms; how anti-climatic ):

I always strongly believed we would win!!!

I have taken to re-reading Harry Potter. If I lived in Happy Potter's world, I'd be a wizard of age already, able to practice magic legally. So egg-citing!
Saturday, February 16, 2008
Homeclub on the 2nd day of CNY because Paul was spinning that night and Irwin claims we can still dance to Indie..

Fellow brave souls were Jeannie, Gus, Addie, Irwin, Darrell, Dawn and Chai.

Er all the girlies

Darrell my xiaomei

Booyah Sophie so glam

SAJC-ians (or Saints if you prefer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Jeannie started getting all tipsy so Gus, Irwin and I made her play 5 10 15 20 and I Never and very soon I had joined Jeannie.....

No fair Gus doesn't like drinking and Irwin couldn't because of his back injury.

P.S: You CANNOT dance to Indie...

Please check out how red Jeannie is.

Haha there for Paul too lorz.

Later alligator.