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Friday, February 22, 2008
A day for Lovers and Friends:

Valentine's Day in school were surprises from classmates, my slightly burnt cookies, and Darrell's undelivered flowers boohoo.

Irwin's birthday dinner at night! $30 each for Seoul Garden %$&*#!$&; Valentine's Day price, "which fatass couple would celebrate Valentine's Day at Seoul Garden" I quote.

Curses to whoever chose the location!! (This would be Arthur/Kuoloon)

Feeding the Polar Bear some raw fish!!

Sorry accident, birthday boy shy..

Awesome possum balloon bought by Jeannie, Addie and I.

Ugh we had to be fatasses that night to make full use of our money, i.e. take only seafood/beef, no pasta/veggie/etc. Get up and walk around to digest the food and come back to eat again!!

Smoke from all the grills set off the smoke alarm and the shutters came tumbling down and we had no fire for half an hour. Valuable eating time wasted!!!

JEANNIE LOST THE BALLOON FOR IRWIN. She let it go when a strong gust of wind came and it got blown onto ongoing traffic, where some car hit it and dragged it god-knows-where and we went down Scotts Road asking, "Excuse me, have you seen a balloon float past?"

Wound up at McDonalds because we are really very greedy and craved ice-cream..

Happy Birthday! (:
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