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Saturday, February 16, 2008
Homeclub on the 2nd day of CNY because Paul was spinning that night and Irwin claims we can still dance to Indie..

Fellow brave souls were Jeannie, Gus, Addie, Irwin, Darrell, Dawn and Chai.

Er all the girlies

Darrell my xiaomei

Booyah Sophie so glam

SAJC-ians (or Saints if you prefer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Jeannie started getting all tipsy so Gus, Irwin and I made her play 5 10 15 20 and I Never and very soon I had joined Jeannie.....

No fair Gus doesn't like drinking and Irwin couldn't because of his back injury.

P.S: You CANNOT dance to Indie...

Please check out how red Jeannie is.

Haha there for Paul too lorz.

Later alligator.
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