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Friday, March 21, 2008
Long overdue post on our trip to Malaysia during Chinese New Year because I'm bored and have nothing better to do and my mom is out boogie-ing her ass away.

So Addie, Darrell and I headed down to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for our ferry (duh).

So late at night after dinner we headed out to a desolate, decrepit, dodgy and everything d- playground:

When we got back we watched The House with the lights out and it probably wasn't a good movie choice because we were staying in a standalone wooden chalet that frighteningly bears some resemblance to the house featured in the horror show..
Darrell the sad case refused to watch and put on his earphones, he brought HOMEWORK to do omg.

After the house we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks which at least lessened the sombre mood! But still, middle of the night I woke up to hear strange scratchy sounds and I was so terrified ):
Boohoo and all we have to protect us is one Baileys-obsessed Andesson and terrified-of-horror-shows Darrell. Not very reassuring.

HAHA so glam hor. Can turn into girly sleepover, after all Darrell's not called Xiaomei for no reason, he's like one of the girlies haha.

Giant pet fish...

Drove down to the beach awww look at my Xiaomei, that's Addie doll which she actually brought to Malaysia...

Because we didn't get to jetski due to Monsoon season ):

Haha looks like right! We'd even perfected the staring-off-at-something-on-the-open-sea look.

BTs are over I feel so freeee like a little birdy but I still won't get up to catch the early worm.

Good Friday spent reading The Straw Men, I'm so sad such people actually exist. I can't even bear to read the synopsis for Hostel without feeling sick and having to close the window. Previous time Darrell and I stayed up late reading about all this stuff, we had to end off saying we'd pray for each other that night.

The Straw Men's a good book though, other than the gory parts because the author's really good at description and insights into societal norms and mindsets.

Kkkkk I'm going to watch Juno now.
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