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Monday, March 03, 2008
Saturday saw Jeannie and I doing everything and completing nothing. Haji Lane was followed by numerous transfers to town on our not-always-efficient transport system, thank god for concession passes but I still love you Singapore (PAP ftw), or maybe it was our fault we just couldn't locate the right bus stop.

Fried scallops/nuggets/fishballs at 5 for $2, we wound up at Lido where I ate again and we spent far too much time thinking about the same thing and doing nothing.

Being friendly gleaned embarrassement and stares oh oops and I had to buy a McDonalds ice-cream to lessen the awkwardness! (okay honestly, I love McDonalds).

The escape of the terrorist is very startling considering Singapore's stringency for everything from homosexuality laws to signposts. How did he escape anyway? Don't tell me all he had to do was climb out a fucking window in the toilet...

5.5million MMSes later, the enthusiasm of Singaporeans rallying together against this unprecedented threat is somewhat touching. How very embarrassing on the world front though. At least the efforts to recapture him have been impressive. Unfortunately, I only remembered once to pray that he get caught soon.
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