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Saturday, March 15, 2008
Wednesday saw us heading down to Zouk for M-ma-mambo and Siangkoon's birthday!

Addie the slut had a dress with removable bottom. Which therefore the aforementioned and aptly named slut removed HAHAHA to leave twinky shorty dress.

Me so pale.

SAJC girls! Me, Jeannie, Regina and Chloe

This was like totally ZOMGZ because he is Sherry and my Sec3 Bio teacher!

Siangkoon had champagne for his birthday (:

Sherry, Regina, Rachel, Chloe, Jeannie, Me

The 3 boys, Irwin, Kuoloon and Darrell, and me looking my best yeehaw

Birthday boy!

That girl has zero alcohol tolerance I swear:

Sophie: "What's his name?" -points to Kuoloon

Hahaha Irwin's shirt is stained cos I got it wet pouring the Vodka from the bottle into his mouth. He can chugg alot dOn't mEsS.

Jeannie, TOTAL GONE CASE. She didn't even dance at all, she just downed glass after glass and zonked out puked all over and woke up like 3 hours later in a terrible mood and left for home alone. Haha I pity Darrell his pants sustained injuries.

My hand, Kuoloon's, and Kuoloon's best friend Adam.

And at the end we all look horrible and Jeannie's lying on our laps but you can't see haha.

Jeannie the smart girl left with Regina's stuff so poor Regina stranded had to crash at my place haha.

The poor girl's absolutely TERRIFIED of animals.
Lying in bed:
Regina: "Your hamster can't get out of the cage and into the room right?"
Sophie: "What? It's in its cage! Even if it got out, how could it come in?"
Regina: "You're sure the cage is closed right? I don't know, maybe it can squeeze under the door?"
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