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Monday, April 14, 2008
Carmen stayed over on Wednesday and I got bored waiting for her to arrive so errrrr:

And here I started doing cartwheels in my living room. Scary you know, cos it feels so cramped!

Ugh legs bent cos I'm scared I'll hit the ceiling which obviously I won't but still!


I messaged my mom to tell her Carmen was staying over that day but she didn't bring out her phone! So she came home and Carmen stepped out like "EH who's this" hahaha.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME TO SEE SOPHIE IN SPECTACLES. Brrr I can't wait for LASIK so I can get perfect vision!

That's my ragdoll (TinaToo) and teddy bear (er sadly unnamed for some reason)

I lost my first ragdoll which was prettier it had red yarn hair and a b&w frock! But I left it behind in Disneyland ):

Hence was born TinaTwo who was later christened TinaToo one night when I was in bed and bored. (The christening was fairly recent actually.)

We had a bio test the next day.

That's my wall with its plethora of random cards/notes/pictures/etc. There's my Sec4 class photo, a mobile angel stolen from Dempsey Road, a Robin (Batman's sidekick!) Lego keychain, Sec2 batik painting and Resident Evil postcard (zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees), to name a few.

I love my toothbrush it's a standing one cos its base is a suction cup. I think it's more hygienic don't you think so!
Like the water doesn't drip off the brush into the toothbrush holder and leave scary grimy stuff and it's so easy to pluck it off my sink and so satisfying to plonk it back down!

My purple suction-cup-standing-toothbrush beside the tap and feat. Carmen brushing her teeth and my IKEA mirror.
(I still pronounce it eee-kia although everyone harangues me that it's aye-kay-a, because I always forget and can't be bothered anyway.)

I love IKEA can someone please shift house soon so I can come with you to IKEA and pick out furniture!!!
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