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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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12th April 2008
Selling old clothes and even older vintage accessories
Vintage dresses at only $15!

All proceeds go to charity- LOVE EAST TIMOR

Pictures from Arena last Saturday (Chloe's chasing for them..). So 22nd night Chloe asks me to go to Arena and I'm so lazy but I go anyway and the slowpoke took like ages to leave her house and meet meez.

Chloe, me and Amanda

Wazaahh so attractive Joakim.

And halfway through Chloe decides we should venture into the DJ's booth:

And then she decided we should climb unto the counter next to the DJ console hahaha. There's a photo of my ass actually er........

DJ couch thingy

I just realised he's wearing sunglasses in a club.

Up on the counter

Her name's Estelle! It's the first other Estelle I've met and vice versa for her too. My full name is Sophie Estelle Willocq by the way and no Estelle isn't a Confirmation name, it's just really common for French people to have 2 names.

My dad has 3 names please- Michel Louis Jean Willocq, which translates to Michael Louis John Willocq

NAUVEED! Like another SAJC-ian, miracle! Oh we met 2 SAJC juniors woahz J1s so cool haha.

Byebyebyebye late for French class (snooze...) and I didn't print out my homework oh wellz.
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