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Friday, April 04, 2008
OMG my best friend from France like, TEN YEARS ago added me on Facebook and she was linked to my French school and there were photos and everything and omg I miss it so so so much because it's just WORLDS APART from Singapore.

She's the one in the middle, her name is Cecile.

Omg I'm crying very hard I don't know why. It was so long ago. But somehow seeing the pictures of her at the school and college I'd have attended if I my parents hadn't divorced makes me realise how different my life has become. Seeing the life I was supposed to be living makes me miss it terribly.

It's not that I think Singapore is worse or vice versa. It's just that there's this whole parallel world I belong/belonged to but it's all gone now.

I miss her so badly not because we're anything to each other any more now. She was my best friend when I was a kid. But I miss her so badly because she represents everything I lost.

She still looks exactly the same.
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