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Thursday, April 17, 2008
A piano was delivered to my house the other day!
So egg-citing a new addition to the Willocq Household. Here's presenting The Piano:

We had to shift some stuff away to make space for it though:
Door on the right leads to my room!

So now we have both a piano and a keyboard. And the worst is, neither my mom nor I even know how to play the piano hahahahahaha.

Saw this on facebook, I didn't even know Chloe and I were on it till my friend told me! Haha er well...

I'm down with a flu, my nose is running and I can't catch it! (sorry not funny)
Visited ToaPayoh Polyclinic where ahpeks and ahmas got off the bus with me, woweee we is same league profiteering from the government's public healthcare systems.

Polyclinics ALWAYS screen reruns of MrBean cartoons in the waiting room.

Explored the ToaPayoh heartlands with Addie and I got snubbed by kopitiam uncles/aunties. Bet they think I'm a n00b angmoh that they can rip off! Okay I am a n00b angmoh I still order in English and don't always understand currency haha.
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