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Friday, April 11, 2008
PW results today.

I'm so sad I cried like 12345678. SAJC improved from 6As last year to 109 this year and Bs too but I still got a fucking C.

And all along based on my PW teacher's comments my group was doing pretty well? But in the end my whole group got a C like lousiest in class wtf.

I worked hard for PW. Like I really put in alot of effort so I'd wish to see something for my efforts.

I might as well have gone to a fucking lousier school since ultimately I pay little attention in class whatever the school may be. At least there effort would translate to results.

One C on my Alevel cert in place. WHAT A BLEMISH ALREADY. At least for As I can still cling to the hope that if I really start studying I'd reap something.

I hate the fact that it's so subjective because it's internal marking. Across Singapore other JCs have Distinction rates of like 80/90% but SAJC chooses to jeopardise its own students' results.

And I admit it's really JUST PW. Just one H1. If my reaction is already so terrible faced with a bad grade for a slightly minor subject, I can't imagine how devastated I'd be if I did badly for As, I think I'd be very very tempted to just give up on everything.


My group of friends in class all got C too. So as we sat and waited for Bio lesson to start- "Do you want to go? I don't feel like staying."

We took our bags and left. We talked about going away, far far away from SAJC, to the zoo, to the beach to scream our lungs out, to go anywhere but here. But in the end we went to McDonalds and drowned our sorrows in fast food.

Comfort food. It does help.
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