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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Unearthly hour again yesterday (I'm getting good at it!) morning for ACS(IB)-SAJC rugby match.

Darrell injured and Shaun still not totally recovered yet haha so both not playing.

Our school councillors came to cheer/support.

Haha Jeannie LOVES Mingqi's legs, she's always so fixated on them and thinks they're mega nice....

I wore a garden hat throughout the match! Haha how often do you get them wear them right, and my mom has tons.

Jeannie finally deigned herself cool enough to wear the hat I brought for her.

Soccer boys came to support too.

Irwin and Kuoloon.

Erpz My Fair Ladies.

Haha check out Nauveed's pumps I think they're damn cool!

Yeah lorz I wearing pride&prejudice dress (I quote) to match garden hat haha.

Headed to town and we watched The Hottie and The Nottie. (Paris Hilton film) Paris Hilton acts super bimbotic and slutty in it but quite sad lah she always gets these kind of roles.

Paris Hilton (acting as Christabel): "A life without orgasm is like a world without flowers!"

Omg right. HAHAHA.

Childhood Christabel actress is so pretty! The other lead actress (Nottie) is pretty good actually. So overall the movie's not bad once you get past the dizty Paris parts whcih are mostly there for you to laugh/groan at anyway.

Met Roy and Shaun, we went to eat gyozas (again) while they got their hair cut. Haha Roy's became slightly mohawk style but Shaun's was the same...................

Arena at night!

Bathroom make-up fix..

HAHA it's damn hilarious please like everyone's like "wahlao face so big" damn funny I walk past I cover my face it's so weird.

Chloe and Jon

Alcohol makes you look veh unglam really.

Haha drinking games rules implemented: No English and saying "Drink" was prohibited so subsequently it became DRANK or consume which somehow morphed into coMsuNe?!


Chloe very relieved coming out of the toilet haha sucker.

McDonalds and Monopoly, I don't get what's the hype with the new McGrindle or whatever it's called I prefer good ole Egg/Sausage McMuffin!

Primarily I don't even like fast food breakfast anyway.

My cough is getting bad NAPFA next week! Actually last week but we ran 3 rounds and decided we're too fat/unfit to run that week hahahaha.

1. Weekly Math Weekend Assignment
2. GP Assignment- Compre
3. Chem REMEMDIAL test (haha fuck we even fail REMEDIAL tests please omg)
4. Math Complex Numbers test and I'm still not even halfway through the 3 tutorials.
5. French E-learning week damn lame they give us homework online and expect us to do it but all my classmates do lah I shall attempt to do so this time!

Die maybe my last breath of freedom BT results released to parents next week >:[
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