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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Yesterday I visited SAJC's Sick Bay and slept there for over an hour cos they have beds yeehaa.

Today I cabbed to NJC after school for SAJC-ACJC soccer match. Cabfare was $10 and when I reached the matchwasfuckingover and it was raining zomongously badly and everything was lousy so I was in a horrendously bad mood ):

We settled on watching Rogue Crocodile because only Addie and I didn't mind Horton and Guanghao and Irwin wanted more time to eat..

Rogue Crocodile is about... a rogue crocodile. Didn't have the romantic ending I expected! Like the typical heroine+hero=together forever.

I'm so bored how come Addie has so many boIz after her now and I have none! Nonono not asking for bf here thanks haha.
It's not so much that I've never had a boyfriend, that sounds so superficial and trivial, it's more that I'm turning 18 soon and I haven't experienced the requisite love, longing, sadness, companionship etc that come with a relationship.

Never mind my homies I just downloaded Diner Dash 2 yipee fastest fingers first!
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