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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
7.30am: Alarm rings. Back to sleep
8.30am: Finally got up and showered changed etc etc

9.20am: Head out of the house into the blinding sunlight
9.21am: Think to myself- "Goodness so this is what Saturday morning looks like"
9.22am: Hail a cab
9.45am: Arrive 45mins late for SAJC-CJC rugby match, first of rugby season!

So we won 64-0 hip hip hooray for SAJC! Pictures of the match on our beautiful new synthetic field which provides an excrutiatingly GREEN green background but it looks great really.

Darrell (xiaomei ftw!), Ken and Sirrhan

Try then convert!

Killed time for many many hours with random people i.e. Pakata, Addie etc waiting for Jeannie to finish tuition, Darrell to finish victory rugby lunch/dance/song and Kuoloon to finish soccer.

Finally Cityhall for SoupSpoon and donuts with filled centres and omg I created such a mess cos everytime I bit into the thing chocolate oozed out the other end unto my hand, chin, table etc
Shaun Ng: "Wah you look damn glam now"
Darrell: "Please never eat this out with a guy"

Sorry I'm not adept at eating donuts!!!

Kuoloon, Shaun, Darrell. So shy all please so Jeannie let out an extremely excited and accomplished whoop just because she captured this next shot:

Big deal Darrell looks all distorted. Woohoo for my rugby heroes! Okay nonsense Shaun didn't even play his leg's not alright yet hahahaha.

Anyway Darrell and Shaun left leaving Happy 3 Musketeers Kuoloon, Jeannie and I.

(P.S it's Jeannie who does all the weird effects to the pictures..)

We watched Untraceable which is pretty good albeit sadistic because the ways the killer devised to kill people are rather.. creative.

Some parts I really covered my eyes because I can't stand gore! Kuoloon's such a fatty long after Jeannie and I quit eating the popcorn he was still going strong at it.

We dropped by to visit Swing at Balcony!

Then we dragged Kuoloon around for shopping or rather it was JUST JEANNIE she bought like tons of stuff and we kept asking Kuoloon for his opinion on a piece of clothing to see his taste for girls' outfits hahahaha.

Many plates of gyoza later and Kuoloon discovers he dropped his ipod nano, Jeannie and I head to Clarke Quay to meet SiangKoon, Joey and Crew haha.

MORE donuts, margeritas and watching them down poppers, Jeannie left and I went to meet Addie, Marco and Chloe at HomeClub.

Cab to someone's nice apartment where we stuffed ourselves silly with bottle water and potato chips, what a way to end the night fatasses!
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