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Friday, May 30, 2008

Did a show for the launch of Absolut Mango today. It's the 11th flavour of Absolut Vodka and it's nice! Actually I didn't want to do it but my agency said it was too late to find a replacement so sigh..

They made us go down far too early so had to spend like 1+hr killing time chatting to the other model who's from Czechoslovakia. We were there from 5pm-10pm and had free flow of Vodka but NO FOOD. Vodka+empty stomach er.. not good.

The event wasn't very exciting, I can imagine the guests go there for the freebies and to see and be seen.

Headed to Darrell's after where Addie, Chloe, Jeannie, Shaun and Jesse were.

Shaun was supposed to make me maggi meegoreng,
Shaun: "Eh it tastes quite bland"
Sophie: *peers into bowl* "Oh you made maggimee instead of meegoreng?"
Shaun: "I just made whatever packet you left beside the stove"
Jesse: "OMG you mean you made meegoreng into maggimee?!"

Haha the smartass didn't drain off the water first.

Headed home around 1am to BEGIN packing, I'm quiteee done so online now to blog before leaving!

It's 5am now and I already sort of expected I wouldn't be sleeping tonight with all the stuff that I have left to do. This indicates 2 nights without sleep ):

I'm leaving in 8hours. I hate the fact that for 3 weeks everyone's lives will go on without me. Please send me emails/comments/talk to me on msn so I won't feel so isolated and keep your blogs updated!

Hopefully I'll come back with a more even tan (ghastly tan will have time to fade!), and smarter! Just in time for BT2s woohoo.


Music was bad for a good part of the evening and Geran and Joey got pretty high so they were ALL OVER THE PLACE. Supper at Spize after, reached home at 6.30am.

SLEPT FOR AN HOUR then had to wake up for CCA photo-taking at 8.40am in school. Omg so Jeannie and I had to go down to school just for the photo and left straight after. I don't know why it wasn't done earlier rather than last minute during the holidays. Ugh for me it means like 1.5hrs of bus please.
Jeannie was hence in such a foul mood that I didn't dare talk to her! She's damn scary when she's in a bad mood please.

Slept for ANOTHER HOUR then tuition. Slept for YET ANOTHER hour then had to go for the Absolut event. So I had 3 hours of sleep, but not continuous? So I'm really knackered now.

Haha yeah so in the end after feeling all lonesome and bored, I left the house and went to Sentosa Cove for Ian's birthday party at Oneº15. The cab driver for some reason thought the yatch club location absolutely hilarious and was like so egg-cited on my behalf.

"There there your friends waiting for you!!"
So I had to pretend these strangers were my friends and walk towards them hahahaha. (and I didn't know which suite Ian had booked)

I ended up incapacitated for 4hours:

So er pictures from everyone else's revelry!

The suite's sound system.

View from the balcony!

Birthday Boy in the middle.

Owen, Audrey and Marco.

Yeah come and take a picture with the zoo exhibit.


Time to clean the hamster's (boyfriend!) cage before I leave. Me off to Romantic Pareeee, to the other side of the world!

Okay but still feeling quite sad ):
Can't imagine how others could bear to leave for studies or permanently.
Omg 5.31am now.
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