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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Jeannie's birthday dinner last Friday at Hard Rock Cafe! Reservations were originally for 7pm but the earliest were Chloe and I at 8pm please.

Chloe and I were gonna meet at 6pm to buy Jeannie balloons/present/etc.
6.30pm- SMS to Chloe: "Omg I just woke up hahahaha"

Dinner was attended by Jeannie, Pakata, Chloe, Guanghao Irwin and Kuoloon after their soccer match, and me. A.k.a everyone except Addie.

Hard Rock Cafe food is like AWESOMEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ make sure you order their macaroni cheese and the Jumbo Combo!

Bet she wished for ALevel results. How sad that every JC-going 18 year old has to wish for that!!

Addie finally turned up around cake-blowing time

L-R: Pakata, Chloe, Jeannie, Addie, me, Irwin and er Guanghao next I guess although he's below, and Kuoloon


Who wants to be Sarah Jessica Parker thankzxzxzx.

Actually we took like fucking long to get these shots hahaha and Kuoloon had to keep running backwards to get a shot of us walking..

Skinny horzx.

Pakata and Kuoloon.

The boys left, leaving us girls to go catch 11.45pm movie so we could wish Jeannie happy birthday on the stroke of midnight!

Watched Doomsday which is pretty lame. It's very Resident Evil-ish with the whole virus-devastates-country-thingy, but the punk rebels were bad enough. Once it got to the medieval community of survivors, that was really the pits. And the movie is too long and draggy.

But kudos to more and more movies of female bad-ass-girls haha.

Bumped into Melissa!

Wowowwee everyone's turning 18, 18 seems like a gazillion billion years to us because that's all we've lived but we're just beginning our lives!

Remember how when you were young 17/18 year olds etc seemed so cool and grown-up and mature and like totally living life etc? I wonder if I live up to my childhood perception of myself now.

I was reading my old diaries like from when I was 11 or something, it's really funny to see myself grow up from my fascination with Neopets and colour pens and what not, to read how delighted I was to go out alone for the first time or try on a tube top cos at that time it seems so KewLz and GroWn-Up to my kiddo self.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this poor, pitiful and ignorant child, or simply accept it as me growing up. I spent extraordinary amounts of time online and reading and daydreaming, and really that hasn't changed much except I have no time for the library now.

Childhood and teenage years best time of our lives!
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