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Monday, June 02, 2008

Dual nationality for me till I'm 21 years old and have to choose.

Flew off from the new Terminal 3, which really just looks alot like Terminal 2. I'm still under 18 so I requested for assistance when I land in Paris because there's nothing worth seeing in the French airport and assistance means you get to cut queues and all.

When I reached my gate:
Officer: "Hello you are late".

10mins before the plane leaves not early enough meh.

I watched like, 4movies. I love KrisWorld!

Ugh I got 2 annoying fatties next to me.
"You're going to turn off your handphone soon aren't you?"

I nearly died when the one next to me started to prepare the barf bag ugh thank goodness she didn't.

I really love flying! I've considered becoming a pilot, or if i go into university I might become an airstewardess after I finish my studies, like just for fun before I start work.

The airstewardesses on this flight had really hideous makeup though. I hope for their sake and that of the passengers that the bright blue eyeshadow many of them were sporting isn't compulsory.

Wah set it's decided I shan't smile anymore, look I don't really have eyebags here!

ANYWAY the cow at check-in ignored my request for assistance so courageous little me decided to brave the perils of the French airport (Paris Charles de Gaule or Paris CDG airport for short) alone.

The airport has these stupid little escalator-travelator tunnels that link different levels of the airport together. I think the whole airport is hideous really, everything is GREY and DULL and DREARY.

LOOK the walls are all granite and even the welcome banner has so little colour in it.

I spent 1 night at a hotel near the airport because I reached around 9pm French time, and then train the next day for 1 night in Paris with my sister, pictures later!

Anyway France is behind Singapore by 7hours now in the summer, in the winter it changes to 6hours behind and actually I have no idea why.

Temperature here's around 21°C so it's kinda chilly like I'm permanently wearing a sweater.

THE FRENCH KEYBOARD IS DIFFERENT. Like the "W" is at the bottom. Keyboards are called Qwerty Keyboards, did you know that? There used to exist different kinds of keyboards but the Qwerty one became the most popular because it was designed in accordance with which alphabets we use most often and hence which should be within easiest reach.
And visibly enough it's called Qwerty because those are the letters in the first row on the left.

My palms are calloused from dragging my luggage which weighed a whopping 22kg, down from an original 28kg that I had to repack ):

Later alligators, my phone only has reception in select areas of the house which I've yet to establish, thank god for Internet. My dad's so paranoid he unplugged 4 different cables when the computer's off, it took me a while to figure out which weren't connected so it was like a BREATH OF FRESH AIR when the Homepage loaded!

Bye bye summertime.
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