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Friday, June 13, 2008

Euro Cup 2008 so terribly exciting! I'm ecstatic because Italy lost 0-3 to Holland, which was termed the most humiliating defeat for them in 25 years. I've not forgotten France-Italy 2006 World Cup and have not exactly forgiven the Italians yet. I was almost in tears ):

I want to go watch an actual match one day! So fun like the supporters have tents outside and patroitic hats. Erika and I said we look each other up for 2010 South Africa World Cup but air ticket there will be a bit expensive hor.. And I'll only be 20, not exactly earning an income with which to pay for my expenses.

Omg only 1 week left and I'm nowhere near completing my revision. FAR FAR FAR from it in fact. So sad I was hoping to finally catch up on my work but surprisingly it's not very condusive for studying here either.

Random snapshots:

Pharmacies on every corner for an over-medicated country because the government heavily subsidises healthcare (think British welfare system). Wait till you see my dad's medecine cabinet!

France's most well-loved animal.

France's other most common animal, albeit not as loved.

Seems to me teens in France are fairly sexually active according to all the teEn magazines I read. One magazine said the average age in France for a girl to lose her virginity is 17! I'm like turning 18 soon please!

Haha hilarious snippets from the magazine:

"Can you believe it's been almost 2weeks since we started dating and he hasn't tried to sleep with me yet?! There must be something wrong with me! Maybe he thinks I'm fat?"


Another girl said she had sex regularly while still wearing her TAMPON. HAHAHAHA omg how is that possible?! HAHAHA the advice columnist said she had to stop immediately and that her boyfriend must be a total loser if he hadn't realised she'd been wearing a tampon all this while. Hahahahaha......
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