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Saturday, June 07, 2008
Omg uploading photos was such a total nightmare because I used both Blogger and Photobucket.

It's been getting colder here, it's usually sunny but the wind is so strong.

Rest of the photos from paris:

Ugly train station.

Fairly ugly train carriage.

This is why I'm glad the Singaporean government takes such a strong stand against vandalism in Singapore because GRAFITTI IS UGLY:

Grafitti in France is EVERYWHERE, anywhere vandals can find a blank surface to use. I mean some are fairly artistic, but the overall problem is that there is far too much and it totally destroys the landscape. It costs the French government tons of money each year trying to paint over but they just keep coming back.

Taxis in France are just ordinary cars with the license to charge for the journey. So if you're lucky you can get like a fucking nice black Mercedes which doesn't make sense really, if you own a Merc, technically you shouldn't need to be work as a taxi driver no?

French governement's latest initiative which is is becoming quite popular with Parisians- VĂ©loLibres, aka Free Bicycles.
With a prepaid token, you can borrow any of the bicycles at numerous locations across Paris and cycle wherever you want, and then drop it off at the VĂ©loLibres spot there. And the government really put in place enough of such borrow/return spots across Paris that it's like using your own bicycle, you don't have to worry about not finding such a spot to return the bicycle.

My nephew! Or step-nephew if you want to be picky. His name is Hugo and he's 7 this year.

My sister and I. It's not fair like my stepsiblings and my dad all have green eyes but I inherited boring brown ones.

There are tons of these roadside stalls along the river.

Le Louvre! And the famous glass pyramid which everybody now knows about (goes for the Louvre too) only because of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

He was fairly fascinated with my Ipod.. although I'm sure he understands SQUAT watching Family Guy on it.

The requisite Eiffel Tower pictures!

OMG SO SCARY. My dad found out about this when he called to reserve a train ticket for me, there's another Sophie Willocq!

Look another Sophie born 18 dec 1986, so she's 22 this year.

Sophie's a very common name in France, it's like Rachels here or Zhiyis in China, but still! There are only 400 Willocqs in the whole of France, it's a pretty rare surname.

H&M (which is Swedish) coming to Singapore soon!

HAHA I taught him this. Kids are so impressionable.

Dinner at an African restaurant and the bill was 100+€ please, which is like S$200+? The food was pretty good but still. To me food's just food. Cost of living in France is much higher than Singapore though.

Next Day:

STILL with my Ipod.

He fell down and got a cut just on top of his lip.

Paris is really pretty actually, all the buildings are Renaissance style and very grandiose. The whole of Paris is very.. brown though somehow. Like that's what the colour of all the buildings are.

Bye bye Paris.

Ugh okay my dad's chasing me to get offline he thinks 1.5hours online is far too much already.

First week over, I really have to start studying like ALOT.

Eugene keeps appearing in my dreams. HAHA. I think it's a sign that I must learn to emulate him and get cracking on my studies and responsibilities.
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