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Monday, June 30, 2008
The question I most commonly get asked:

"Are you mixed blood?"

"Oh! What mix are you?"
half French

"Do you speak French?"

"Can you teach me French swear words then?"

I should come up with new and intriguing answers. One, to break the dreary monotony and two, I can make myself seem MySterIouS. Unfortunately, I do not have the guile nor the mood and even if I did, I wouldn't post it up it would make me too predictable!!!

What on earth is the point of knowing swear words in another language anyway. Unless you intend to incorporate it into your own linGo or employ it as your perso catchphrase, if you wish to insult someone, might as well just do it in English.

BUT. I've been asked that question so many times. So- shit is merde, prostitute is pute but it's evolved to commonly-used putain, which kind of means damn. No there is no French equivalent of fuck you, French people say make loveeeeeeeeee hahaha. But closely enough there's va te faire enculer, which means go fuck yourself but more specifically up your ass...

Spent Friday and Saturday with my ass firmly plonked on a Lido bench for at least 6hours each time in the hopes of studying. Watched Wanted and The Strangers over the 2 days.

Wanted was not bad if you overlook the bad storyline, there's good action- i.e carchase, fighting, TRAINING for fighting etc. And as a plus, you get to see Angelina Jolie's butt.

The Strangers was absolutely horrendous:
1) It lasted only about 70mins. Wtf?!
2) There was NO PLOT. Just mindless killing and not even like "We're doing this for fun". In fact, the whole show consists of mainly 2 actors, the victims. The killers didn't utter a word.
3) NO TWIST. You expect the victims at any moment to go *GASP* "It's you?! No PLEASE DON'T DO THIS." But nada. Even when the killers unmasked themselves (and their faces are never revealed to the audience), there was still no story.


The best part was the end, when as the killers drive out they encounter 2 Mormon boys giving out pamphlets.
The girl gets out and asks for one.
Mormon boy: "Are you a sinner?"
The girl: *pauses to think* "Sometimes".

The trailers actually look quite good, and it was fairly freaky. But it really needed more development.

Anyway I'm down to my last paper (Geography) on Wednesday! Chemistry today was much harder than expected ): Math was just out of point ugh.

My tagboard's getting very entertaining hahahaha.
"Should I remove my tagboard?"
"Why? Very interesting what."
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