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Thursday, July 24, 2008
I've never said "I forgive you" to anyone in my life. Not because I have all magnanimous bones lacking. But because I think that the word "forgive" is so sacrosanct.

What gives me any authority to forgive someone? I can never bear to use it because it'd make me feel so conceited. To me, only God has the right to forgive whomsoever. To me, all I can do is not resent. Pardon, exculpate, vindicate. Anything, but forgive.

Just one of my random peculiar preferences. So don't ever say "I forgive you" to me.

Just one of my random peculiar preferences. Right up there with my fear of lift doors, hatred of bad stapling and liking for big cutlery.

On another note, Diana yesterday asked if a printout was the "soft copy" and the digital version in the thumbdrive was the "hard" one. Warrants as much acclaim as the time Addie asked if we were to turn clockwise starting facing the clock or back facing.
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