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Monday, July 28, 2008
Was incredibly restless/bored today. I tried to convince my classmate that my teeth had grown larger but she didn't believe me.

Recently more blog wars! CelesteChen vs Tammy. How perfectly entertaining. 2 of Celeste Chen's cousins are still in my church now.

Which meant that years ago Celeste, Nicole, Tessa and occasionally one or two others, would turn up at my Sunday School class in the latest fayshuns, dressed EXACTLY THE SAME.

Until now a churchmate still reminisces about Nicole's leopard print pants. Which I don't recall at all. And that's probably a good thing.
But who am I to say, I was the nerdy/neopetsaddict/bossy kid with specs then and I've nothing against either bloggers. Once in a while I still visit Celeste's blog to see what she's wearing/new videos. Ultimately we're all secretely voyeurs.

Currently my litany of strangers' blogs whom I read extend up to... 4. Only. Is that alot?

Okay birthday photo to break the monotony of words.

Sec3, I hit 170cm and 50kg.
Sec4, 171cm and 51kg. (yeah sucks right, 1cm growth should not equal 1kg!!)
JC1, 172cm and 52kg.

Jc2, still 172cm and suddenly put on 2kg in a few weeks!! Annoying. Previously it was like 365days = 1kg.

For those who can't do the math, that's 54kg for you. I was mildly (okay fairly) annoyed by the sudden weight gain but in the end gave up cause it gave me a BMI of 18.3 which is not like, TERRIBLE or anything.

Anyway, in the last 2weeks in France, I suddenly lost the 2kg, for no apparent reason. WOOHOO.

After 2 weeks back in Singapore, I lost ANOTHER 2kg. So now I'm back down to 50kg?! I mean I haven't been 50kg for.. 2+ years. Now I've a BMI of 16.9. That IS a bit low..

And I've absolutely no idea why I lost weight. I haven't done anything out of the norm.

Actually on weekends I practically only have one meal the whole day. Cause by the time I get up it's like... 3pm.

At home I don't eat much because my mom doesn't cook. I'm perfectly fine with maggimee 3 days in a row (I've a fair amount of hair to spare right now so no need for MSG-hair-fall reminders). I'm far far too lazy to cook/buy food. I'd rather just go hungry.

But in school I can tell you my class friends think I'm a huge fatass hahaha.

6DRQs (Direct Response Questions) calling my name for Geog homework.
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