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Saturday, July 19, 2008
Yesterday was truly a terrible night. After Shaun and Roy's birthday dinner, sitting around for 2 hours waiting for god-knows-what and everyone getting quiet/annoyed/tired, finally heading to Zouk but too late to enter Phuture.

Paying $25 for Zouk because we'd heard it was RnB after 1am, then finding out it was not so trance the whole fucking night I fuckinghatetrance. Repeatedly so incredibly tempted to go home, extreme frustration, bad results, other things and I was on the verge of crying the whole time.

Reluctantly stayed till 3am when Phuture is supposed to open but in the end they weren't gonna open till 3.30am?

Couldn't decide whether to wait longer since we've already waited so long or just go home because we were so sick of it all.

And then they looked at me and I bit my lip to prevent the tears, still they came but not the torrent I expected.

A trickle and that was it. Course of action?

"You're just feeling numb now aren't you?"

Don't know how I feel. Didn't even cry myself to sleep.

You fucked up.
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