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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Cut queue with Sarah, Marisse all who were there since 9.40pm but still we were too late, Phuture was declared full when we were somewhere near the front ugh..

Mambo was packed to the max max max, impossible to move one way or another without blistering idiots trying to cross your path all the time.

Fatties flailing and flinging their arms around in supposedly kEwl Mambo moves with all the 'tude.

Ventured into the member's area where we stoned and got dumped by Jeannie for the night for more important people/person.

Dinner at Chinatown Food Street where I was treated like a tourist but it's my fault. Till now I still order/enquire/detail entirely in English with the hawkers even though I CAN speak basic enough Chinese but somehow it doesn't feel natural.

Even though it was in Chinatown and had a dingy staircase leading up to it, they actually have touchscreen commands and up-to-date English songs! Haha kudos to them for Artic Monkeys, The Killers, Rihanna etc etc so we got to belt out (very loudly and jarringly) to Sexyback, Sex Bomb, Hey Jude..

Absinthe party at Garrett's:
So after karaoke I went down to Garrett's- "I come bearing Absinthe!" (which was heavy to lug around..)

If I had known I'd have brought swimsuit please. Swimming in denim shorts is not cool.

Melting the sugar into the absinthe. Geran was very particular about the whole process..

DS Lite scouting and HomeClub:
Met Jeannie at SimLim to enquire about DS Lite and the prices etc. Not intending to buy one myself although I started to feel a little tempted surrounded by all the technology there. New generation of techno-fans!
The annoying thing now is how diferent devices are starting to overlap in function though. Phones with better cameras, PSPs that can play mp3s etc. I have an Ipod and a camera so it feels like a waste to buy anything else that has either function?

Headed down to HomeClub while Jeannie swore she was going home. Music was trance........
Okay shuffling totally not my thing haha. It looks so easy but we all can't do it!

HAHA on the right is the book I'm reading, yes I actually brought it out. Avid bookworm! (when I have any books to read that is)

In my lifetime I must have spent at least $50 on library fines ): But what to do, if not I can't borrow books.

My tagboard is getting a little freaky. First and foremost I would like to declare that I do not know Will. I have absolutely no idea who he is, except that he's been following my friends and my blog for quite some time now.
So yeah that's to reassure that I do not get my friends to lavishly praise me, I am not THAT egocentric thank you. And really the praises are getting very over-the-top.

On another note, the Xiaxue-DawnYang blog war is very entertaining: (there are still people who don't know it..)
Personally, I don't like Dawn Yang either. I don't think she is that attractive, her nose certainly looks fake (although she vehemently claims she has not had any surgery), her posts aren't very interesting/funny, she's rather advertorial-whore and overall I think she totters very precariously on the edge of being a bit ahlian.

But whatever. In the meantime it's just quite amusing to read about the tussle back and forth (libel, sueing, insincere apologies, facts vs opinions etc etc).
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