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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
4.30pm: "I'm hungry, I didn't eat very much today. I only had one plate of rice, potatoes, mushrooms, chicken, one nugget, one Oreo cookie and 2 jellies."

There's been times I'm so confused
All my roads, they lead to you
I just can't turn and walk away
It's hard to say what it is I see in you
Wonder if I'll always be with you

You're not everything I envisaged or what I thought I'd have. But you're you. Yet you cause me so much emotional baggage. I still think about it sometimes and I can't let it go. I carry so much resentment and I hate you for that. But thank you for trying.

GP exam yesterday,
I chose "How far do you agree that loneliness is a major problem in city life?"
Loneliness is a personal choice, not a result of circumstances. I probably used the words "city dwellers" ten times, as well as a myriad of different ways to say "concrete living boxes/unfeeling, faceless slab of plastic and metal". And I used 6sides of foolscap omg I pity my marker.

Flight of Fancy

I'm the toughest girl I know

Okay and by here I got bored of Googling tattoo images so these are just Photoshop brushes. Somehow they all look a little fake though but maybe that's just because I know so clearly it isn't there.

In case you don't believe me. Although theoretically it works both ways. I can not have a tattoo and I can fake them. Then I can have a tattoo and fake that I don't.

Haha I don't alright have one alright. Browsing through all the pretty tattoo images I tried to reassess why I never really craved for one. Ultimately it's something that is just far too permanent and visible. And I don't want to risk regretting something that can't be undone. Don't delude yourself saying you're sure you won't regret it. You'll never know till then.

On another note, I always wondered this: For women who get tattoos on their waist/hip areas, what about when you get pregnant?! It must look really hideous then. And after.

I need a new keychain. Piglet's breaking. And Paul Frank is so dirty. You can see its original colour just beneath its jaw. Ronald McDonald pin on the tag, die-hard fan.

That's what I learn for Bio on the right ): And yes I've to know every damn term in that flowchart (one of many many many)

P.S. In case different segments of my posts seem blatantly incongruous, that's because they compile numerous drafts I did at separate times and then random things at other moments in the day that I take note/think of and decide to blog about.
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