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Sunday, August 17, 2008
HAHA I pity the dude in the panda/bear/thingy suit who has to prance around dancing whenever China wins something.

On another note:
Sigh I had to see Desmond Ng who's.. Discipline Head I think- "Add up all the days you've been late and I think you've hit jackpot already".

Can't afford to be late anymore!

Go Team Singapore! I nearly cried reading all the reports about random Singaporeans in shopping centres and other public places jumping and cheering with complete strangers. National pride is a weird thing. 
I take an interest in France's medal tally too of course, at least I have that hyuk hyuk. But they don't seem to be doing very well this year ): Actually come to think of it, what sport are French good at?! I hope it's fencing since that's largely originated from France.
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