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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Sherry's birthday the 7th August (:

Originally we had wanted to go to Escape Theme Park and we had this elaborate surprise planned that involved appearing suddenly on the train with lit candles and etc but the stupid park was closed! Although honestly the rides are all ___ once you've been there twice. And I've gone 4times already so far.

Theme was Hello Kitty because Sherry (underground tW!txZxxX) loves it erpz haha. Sorry it was not incorporated into the dress theme. We all don't have any accessories/clothes with HK on it thank you.

Crowned Miss Hello Kitty (pseudo pageant queen wave, check)

Umm I ate her entire birthday cupcake. It was from Mrs Field's, it's nice!

We rented John Tucker Must Die which was pretty hilarious. Dan from Gossip Girl (NO I DO NOT WATCH GG, I know everyone does and assumes I'm the KiNd that definitely would too, but I watched one episode and got bored. Blair is hot though) was John Tucker's brother and is absolutely hideous with curly hair.

We even acted out scenes, like of whatshername learning how to walk with all the 'TTITUDE to attract John. Videos STILL with Rachel >:(

(L-R): Rachel, Camille, Sherry, Phebe and I

Haha I decided that balloon headbutting would be a worthwhile endeavor!

Okay here I went a bit crazy with all the Photoshop brushes (cause I just downloaded some!). Anyway DOE-EYEDNESS deserves a certain level of pseudo whimsicality no?
1) Big Bambi eyes, 2) thin stretched smiles all with the 3) little sweet air

Okay don't ask. Although I think my pose is keWler.

And Sherry got the bright idea of mock Crazy Horse roleplay:
I was crowned the pro-est stripper okay!!!

HAHA head Crazy Horse-r trying to teach Rachel -"No, arch! ARCH!!"

Haha when it was Phebe's turn I simply pulled her strap down at clickety time.

We in Da HoUSe (my shutter shades can create mood okay).

Alrighty. Prelims in 6 days (there's a countdown board in school, it's absolutely depressing). Attending French class is now totally out of question, no time no time. Although I haven't even had a chance to mock present for my French prelim oral and my classmates have all gone twice.

Oh well my fault anyway. Oral exam for French H2 involves preparing a 3minute speech, then answering impromptu questions, on any topic related to France but it has to be evaluative- Problem, Measures, Evaluation etc. I just rushed mine and randomly decided to talk about labour strikes in France (a prominent issue without resolve).

Catnap meow meow.
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