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Friday, August 15, 2008
Snip snip snip went my scissors yesterday. I've been cutting my own fringe since.. end Sec3. This time I decided to thicken my fringe as well, besides trimming it. So I took hair from the top and cut it. Oops.

I sort of look like I have bangs. Oh well I can hide out at home and study till my fringe grows out.

At least I live up to being Adventurous Sophie! I mean I'd live up to it if anyone did call me Adventurous Sophie that is.

I found out that this girl, Theresa Misso, copied my Friendster where I said "My Mom Leaves Cigarettes In The Shower But I Only Sing And Dance In It" and okay just read the lj comment yourself.

Weirdest is I actually know this girl's brother, he just graduated from SAJC.
Apparently this Theresa has been copying alot of people.

My mom really does leave cigarettes in the shower!! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who sings/dances while showering. I just decided to capitalise the first letter of each word that's all.
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