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Sunday, August 03, 2008

That's my sexy pretty new Macbook! And yes ipod er coincidentally placed. Damn thing's still Windows-formated so the Mac doesn't allow me to transfer my songs zzz.

I wanted a Mac since P5 when I was a boring kid reading books and this particular book was about this girl with an orange Mac, and since then I always wanted one! But I hated it not being Windows..

Birthday photos from 25th itself and the 2nd August (:
Dinner at Dan Ryan's at Tanglin (and I got pretty lost looking for it cause I came like an hour late..). Everything orchestrated by Jeannie and Chloe, much love <3 data-blogger-escaped-div="">

Much love and thanks to those who came! (L-R): Owen, Geran, Marco, Chloe, (insert Sophie here), Shaun, Jeannie, Paka, Kuoloon, Irwin, Guanghao, Darrell and Mok.

Cause they said I had take out candles and etc with my teeth..

Headed down to Zouk after that, and annoyingly they didn't check my ID. Dammit. HAHA sorry I is Loser I take delight in loser-things.


Went to Holiday Inn for a while where we finished the Absinthe and bought another bottle of Absolut:

Too Kewl for Skewl Series:

WE IS MIX-BLOOD (((((((((:

SURPRISE GARDEN PARTY by Sherry, Phebe, Rachel and Camille yesterday! Elaborate plans, cooked food, decorations etc. So sweet of them LOVES FOREVER!!!

So they told me to come to Heeren and when I arrived, there was only Camille patiently waiting at the bus stop. She led me to the side of Heeren, blindfolded me and made me listen to my ipod. She hailed a cab, told the driver where to go and then forced me into the cab.

You won't appreciate such everyday, mundane tasks such as getting into a cab till you're roughly shoved into one when you can't see anything..

I tried asking the cab driver where we were going but Camille turned the volume up full blast before he answered.

Dropped us off at Botanic Gardens:

"I'm scared to walk I can't see!!"
"Are there alot of people standing around and laughing at me?!"

Long and ARDUOUS walk. I sort of guessed where we were cause I kept stepping on leaves and it was quite quiet.

Sophie: "Is it very far more?!"
Camille: "Soon! You haven't exercised in damn long right!!!!!!!!"

Sherry's the one who draws all these so she never makes any for herself. She shouldn't have bothered to ever do Addie's please.

OMG I got the worst blisters ever. My heel was completely rubbed raw from walking so much. No one believes the extent of blisters till they see mine. I didn't even dare shower that night cause it hurt so bad. I'm gonna wear slippers to school tomorrow. I can barely even walk barefoot without flinching.

Changed into Rachel's slippers. Phew.

We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey! Quite easy to cheat though haha.

Phebe's turn.

Sherry in a horribly horribly wrong direction from the donkey.

Headed to town where I bought new Havaianas to save my poor feet. Bought 2 slippers and sneakers from Everlast so omg I spent $100 in like 15mins  ):

Okay I've to learn about all the Mac shortcuts and stuff! Both Windows and Mac have their own merits so whatever.

Prelims in 22days, it's really really time to get cracking )))):
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