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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Today is a bad day ): And the worst is yet to come.

Discovered that my Ipod has gone totally flat. It just absolutely won't turn on at all and I've no idea why. I haven't dropped it recently or done anything significant with/to it either ):

Was told by my teacher today that they will be calling up my mom regarding my disastrous results )):

Lost one side of my ear studs. AGAIN. I mean they don't cost a fortune but it gets annoying to end up with a multitude of half-items. And it's annoying to lose something you like even if it's not expensive. ))):

My mom is absolutely going to kill me. I won't see daylight for the next 3 months.

No mood to blog but anyway here's from where I watched the fireworks on National Day:

It was really really loud since Sentosa is so near Marina Bay.

On the boat!

We took the boat out really near Marina Bay, like we could see the Singapore Flyer (it began changing colour around fireworks-time) and most of the CBD skyscrapers.

It would have been really funny if we could have gone all the way to the other side of the floating platform on which the Parade's on. Like imagine on tv behind the dancers and what not you see this bunch of people in a boat waving haha.

"Just me chillinnnn in my boat".

Yes my flower is totally real. I've had it since Sec3, I used to wear it like very often.


I know what this looks like.


Olympics is so entertaining. Latest scandal is the whole saga concerning the little Chinese girl who "sang" at the opening ceremony, turning out to merely be a pretty fake lip-synching stand-in. All because the original girl with the nightingale voice was dubbed "un-cutesy" enough to be shown on tv. So at an impressionable 7 years old she's told to keep her face hidden and sing backstage while another girl gets the credit for doing nothing.

Snort. Isn't that what China is all about? Hide, no CHUCK AWAY the bad and showcase only the good, regardless of the negative repercussions on its people.

Even while watching the fantastic opening ceremony, I can't help but remember that amidst all the grandeur and revelry, the air pollution is still not down to an acceptable level, thousands of poor Chinese and other cultural areas are unfairly cleared out without adequate compensation for appearances' sake while many rural areas know naught of the on-goings of the Olympics, when their own schools and health centres receive so little funding.

I was so amused to read that the German Chancellor had outrightly boycotted the pre-opening political leaders' luncheon thingy thingy held by the Chinese President.

Sorry, I'm staunchly against Communism and all remnants of it. Which includes China. Or rather not against Communism per se, because at its core the concept of equality was a worthwhile notion. It's more about how Communists leaders brainwashed their people and put them through great suffering, all while trying to impose their ideology (failed) on the rest of the world. Independent Taiwan ftw!
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