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Saturday, September 06, 2008
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.. Omg okay PANIC MODE, Prelims starting again on Monday.

Darrell: "So you're practically jailed at home having tuition like seriously for every subject. What a life. That's good."

Kudos to Darrell for putting it so succintly. I just got tuition for Chem and Math, that's not every subject but it's often times enough this holidays to scream.

Sophie: "Yes totally so my tuition is $xxxx a month omg." 
Chloe: "Stunned. You can buy 3 kids from Africa please."
Sophie: "I'll name one after you. Sorry you aint rolling in the rings of expensive and mighty tuition. You aint in da hood man."
Chloe: "Okay thanks. Haha I'll never be in the high rollers tutors club. Living in the slums. Down here it's kill or be killed. Okay getting lame."
Sophie: "Won't happen, cOoL is my middle name."

Haha wtf right lame101 right here.

One of my greatest loves- McDonalds!

"Eh what's the McDelivery number?"
"67773777. Why'd you call me to get their number?!"
"Because I know you'd definitely have it."

"Omg HAHA why do you have an SMS from McDonalds?!!"
Haha just an advertisement sms but don't MesS, I share a close relationship with McDonalds....

I hate fast food breakfast though, whether McDonalds or KFC or Burger King etc etc.

I can't believe today is SATURDAY. Which means, tomorrow is SUNDAY (woah, genius clap please). AND, after that is? MONDAY.
= Exams again ugh.
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