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Sunday, September 14, 2008
I feel so bad now like all these years in French class I've stoned my way through but still getting As with almost no effort.

Come the 6th and last year my class involvement (and attendance) is almost nil. Because of that, I screwed up my French coursework since I didn't know the necessary structures and missed all the deadlines.

Yet as soon as I told my classmate he immediately told me to send them to him so he could look through it, all while he's still having exams. He put in comment boxes pointing out exact problems and overall feedback to help guide me. So in the midst of his prelims he was on the phone with me discussing my errors and telling me what I should change. 

He told me to plead with my teacher to give me more time so I could redo them and send it back to him for him to look through it again once his prelims were over.

Seriously I think that's so nice of him. I was so relieved and touched I nearly cried on the phone. Like there's no reason at all for him to help me with my last-minute efforts, I'm hardly even in class and can still do well while they all work so diligently. But this time doing well needs involvement, which I so blatantly ignored while my teachers couldn't really care less because they think I don't deserve help. So thanks alot (:
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