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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
More random photos from France that I hadn't uploaded:

Featuring my dad's dog, Salto! Name is fairly stupid but in France pet names are almost state assigned. As in for each year there's a specific letter so for the year this dog was born, the letter was S. 
So there's this whole lists of suggested cat and dog names starting with S for you to choose from.
It isn't mandatory of course, but the idea's actually pretty good like it'll be much easier to associate a pet with an age.

Haha SQUINT. Im like SophietheLion101

DISGUSTING NOT. I was quite freaked out because it's BIG.

I love snails! I used to keep pet snails when I was still living in France and around 7 years old? I took them out each day for "races" and could only name one of them, Sleepy, because he was the only one that didn't move during the "races".

And I am POSITIVE that they have teeth. It was really ticklish when this snail was on my palm, like it was making these curious little explorative nibbles till it took one decisive bite.

Snails are so interesting! They can even glide across the blade of a knife without hurting themselves. Snails ftw, stop stepping on them!

The following are photos of one of the nights that I climbed the fence over to my neighbour's house. Too bad I couldn't swim, timeofthemonth.

My neighbour's the taller one on the right, I last saw him 3years ago but he was already my height then (1.7m). 
His name is Jean-Christophe which would be John-Christopher in English, but everyone calls him JC anyway.
The other guy's his friend Sebastien but that they call Pompom haha.

In France, teens can start riding motorbikes at 16. So JC has this fucking huge scar on his chest when he had an accident in Italy where he broke his ribs and could have died if he wasn't discovered....

I only dangled my feet in the water, but I can tell you it was very very cold.

Haha errrr Pompom insisted on posing for the picture while JC 's still deciding on whether to go into the water haha.

Okay but I'm glad I don't live in France. Or if I did, it'd have to be in the city. 
Like all JC and his friend do is smoke and ride their bikes around because there's absolutely nothing else to do. 
And it's no wonder you always hear about juvenile delinquents and etc, there is really NOTHING once you're out of town.

And and it's no wonder French kids are all so sexually active hahaha. Like "okay since town is 2hour's drive away let's go your place to xxx instead" haha errrrrrrrrr.

And lastly:

Feast your eyes on my dad's medicine cabinet! This is a result of an over-funded healthcare system and hence an over-medicated country. 
They get medicine for every little thing, and always get it in extra quantities because they come in fixed boxes unlike in Singapore where it's packed individually with each person.

They believe in extra medicine just in case anyway. So what you get is an overflowing medicine cabinet and tons of taxpayers' money down the drain.
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