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Monday, September 29, 2008
Open Sesame:

And this is what I spend my time doing instead of studying.

That's me pouring my h3artz and s0ulz into a song

Because she just had a facial.

Haha not mine. No daddy-o and mommy-o together.

Pink bracelet dug out from my box of Barbie dolls, F21 Jesus bracelet (seriously can you spot him?), small bangle taken from Indian classmate in P3, mom's ring, guitar pick ring from flea, Diva heart necklace.... and featuring fat fingers.

My mom has fat fingers too till now. Visibly I can't even erm.. exercise my fingers to lose finger fat since a lifetime has done my mom's ones no difference.

What if it's hereditary?! I pity my kid.

GP post-prelim exam today. Or pre-ALevels if you prefer. Okay think I'd rather call it post-prelim, it makes the ALevels seem less imminent!

I need new lines. I must have used "culminates in an amalgam of controversial issues" in 3 essays by now.
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