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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Sophie: "WAH CARMEN, the logo so big in case cannot see it right?!"
Peiling: "Oh what brand is that?"

Haha wth. But the logos are really damn big. She calls it her swimming bag, like she only uses it when she's going swimming.

I'm like the next Beatles.

Because they wanted me to compare legs...

Haha but seriously the girl is damn hot.

My new Everlast shoes. Okay which I've had for a while already actually. They kind of have a weird design. Some people think it's really weird but others think cute lorz okayz whateverz.

Clair and Peiling.

Prelims over! BIO MCQ was the last paper. I happened to do the 2007 SAJC Prelim MCQ just the night before and around 6 questions came out yesterday, EXACTLY THE SAME. A couple of others were only slightly modified.
Haha wth right seriously like questions from just the previous year's would really be the least expected to come out. Okay a few tough others though so let's see.

My mom's having an eggciting life, she was out painting the town red (haha). At 3.40am she still wasn't home!
Why's my mom having a more interesting life than me!!!?
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