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Thursday, October 30, 2008
I know my dreams and I know my aspirations. I know I don't want to be yet another blank face in the throng, weary individuals identical in their tacit representation of the human spirit battered by life. I don't want an ordinary life, I want an extraordinary one.

Yet I dwell in this inertia. Once in a while I slide into the driver's seat and set the gears in motion. But quickly I stop pressing and look out to see that I'm still rooted to the same spot.

.....Actually I wrote that like more than a week ago. I have a personal diary in which I write sometimes. When I was younger I was used to religious diary-keeping. I have like 5 full diaries penned by my younger self sitting in my closet haha erm don't go prying they're embarrassing.

Beary fun! Worst is that I found more bears in my room after that.

Cyberspace lists me as single and looking for friends, check and check. Facebook is annoying, why can't I have more than one relationship request, I was going to go into Addie's account and marry myself- "So much for romance."; "I'll send you a virtual rose!"

It's pretty obvious that I'm still not sure. So I don't see the point of you doing this.
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