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Saturday, October 18, 2008
Kuoloon's surprise birthday some time ago with soccer boys:

We were supposed to meet at Aston's at The Cathay which has the most retarded queuing system ever.

Guanghao: EH where are you?!
Sophie: Still at home. Meeting at 1pm right?
Guanghao: Everyone's here already!

Fast and speedy taxi down ($13.80 sob sob I actually CALLED for a cab).

Sophie: Okay I'm downstairs where are you all?
Guanghao: 4th floor. Did you come with anyone? No one's here yet.

$@#*&%! Spot the contradiction? But they had been queuing for over an hour and erm because most of us were late we lost our tables.

Kuoloon, Irwin

Kuoloon: "Eh don't use flash, I don't look nice with flash."

Irwin, Gus.

Haha check it out, Kuoloon's totally oblivious to Yijie talking to him as long as my camera is on him.

Cake time

Irwin: "Eh Sophie, switch seats with Guanghao."
Kuoloon: "Don't smash cake on me!!!"
Irwin: "Happy Birthday Kuoloon and Guanghao cause wedidn'tcelebrateyourbirthdaylasttime."

Retarded right, Irwin's so cheapo haha and like didn't inform any of us about it.

He was tiptoeing.

My French ALevels start on Wednesday omg so scary like my first paper's next week! 

Ugh in almost every aspect of my life right now I have no idea what I'm doing. As each day passes I get more and more unsure. At moments I feel strong conviction but determination has never been my strong suit. I'm shrinking in more ways than one, besides the fact that I've actually gone below the 50kg mark. Help me ):
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